The Jacky Winter Group are a creative agency representing a diverse collection of illustrators, storyboard artists, animators, photographers and typographers. Their annual publication 'Field Guide' is designed by a new artist each year and showcases the many talents of their roster. As my Australian representatives, I was honored to create the illustrations for this years publication.

Director Jeremy Wortsman's vision for this years guide was inspired by the 'Field Notes' pocketbook range and as a result, we created a series six of notebooks to feature the various branches of the agency.

Photography by Mark Lobo

To communicate the idea of unity amongst both the books and artists, we treated each book cover as a tile. When the covers are arranged like tiles, they form a large collage which incorporates the Jacky Winter identity. The pattern was also designed to be seamless, so multiple editions of the books can be tiled forever.

While the first five books contain work samples from various artists, the sixth book was designed as a functional notebook. We created playful and surreal patterns drawing inspiration from Marc Thomasset's 'Inspiration Pad'.